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A one and a half day awareness expanding experience with BERKELEY DIGBY who has a special interest in CHINESE TAOISM & CHINESE ENERGY (QIGONG) teachingsPractical tools for improving personal health and vitality, healing self and others will be shared.

The workshop will be structured as follows:

Foundation Understanding - Polarities of Mind and Body

Yang & Yin - Conscious & Subconscious, The Two Nervous Systems – Sympathetic & Parasympathetic, Pituitary & Pineal, Yin and Yang Hormones.

Experience the Lifestream, Yin, Yang And The Five Spheres

Loosening up spine and joints with Qigong Stretches 

Awakening awareness of the Qi with special exercises - tapping and body contacts to energize Main Pathways & “Energy Gates” Head To Toe

Awakening 3 Centres Qigong 3 TanTiens - Wisdom, Love & Will

Heaven-star, Earth-star & Three Centes Merge Qigong

Sharing the Lifestream – The Heart Torus & Group Consciousness

Group Sharing - Awakening Awareness of Qi as a group. 

Scanning and balancing the Qi-field of self and others 

Energising & Harmonising the 5 Organ Centres with Qigong

Energizing & Harmonizing the 5 Vital Organ & Chakra Centers with Qigong - Harmonizing mental and emotional fields  

Practice of Eight Qigong Movements, which activate the five vital organs and harmonize them with each other. Balancing 3 Fires, Dropping 100 diseases

Muscle Testing and Simple Qi Balances on Each Other

Introduction to Qi Scanning, Healing and Alignment

Balancing the Qi-field of oneself and others

Muscle Testing for Qi flows, 5 Elements and Organ imbalances on Each Other 

Muscle Testing Chakras and Foods on Each Other

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