Osteopathy is the practice of balancing and correcting the muscles and joints of the body (musculoskeletal system). Osteopathic treatment not only helps local problems of muscular or joint pain, but also helps the body to heal itself generally. When the bones, joints and muscles are not aligned and working harmoniously, other systems of the body, including the internal organs begin to manifest problems. Osteopaths believe that the body is more capable of healing itself of many different diseases when the neuro-muscular and musculo-skeletal systems are balanced and properly aligned.

Osteopaths seldom manipulate joints or spinal vertebrae without first using various techniques to work on nerves, muscles and fascia of the body. This is because they believe that the bones and joints become mis-aligned through imbalances in nerves, muscles and tendons which then pull them out of position.  The manipulative techniques of Osteopathy are very gentle and non-forceful. After Osteopathic treatment joints which have been aligned and/or manipulated tend to stay aligned and do not need frequently repeated treatments.

Certain Osteopathic techniques, like Cranio-sacral Osteopathy are so gentle and subtle that the patient may feel that not much is happening. Later, hours or even days after the treatment they often experience dramatic changes.

Some Osteopaths who are also trained in the use of Acupuncture also apply needle therapy to release spasm and energy blockages of the muscles and joints. 

Osteopaths trained in Homeopathic medicine, may give homeopathic injections or oral doses of medication particularly in conditions like arthritis, fibrositis or back and neck pain. When Acupuncture and Homeopathy are used along with Osteopathy the healing process is usually more speedy and dramatic.



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