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General Info

  • Dr. Digby's Fees, Practice Locations and Consultation Info

First time consultations are one hour or more:  Cost - R650
Follow up consultations
are up to one hour:
Cost - R490 in Garden Route and R560 in Cape Town & R390 for half hour Osteopathic neck, back or joint treatment.

Phone consultations may be anything from half an hour, to one hour, charged according to time.

Payment is preferred in cash. Please bring at least R800 in cash for medicines too. Excess can be paid by credit card or cheque. No EFT payments please unless specially arranged.

Download the details for Dr. Digby's two practice locations, one in Cape Town and the other in Plettenberg Bay. 
Click here for PDF file for printing or saving


  • Full Questionnaire download (+appendix "Using Homeopathic Medicines")
    required for ALL patients except for children and acute cases eg. back pain
    MS Word DOC file (148 KB)
    PDF file (138 KB)
  • Short Questionnaire download
    required for children and acute cases eg. back pain
    MS Word DOC file (124 KB)
    PDF file (145 KB)
  • Follow-up Homeopathic questionnaire download
    required for follow-up consultations
    MS Word DOC file (32 KB)
    PDF file (25 KB)

Travel protection, Diets

  • Travel protection Kit
    protection against hepatitis, parasites and diarrhea
    MS Word DOC file (29 KB)
    PDF file (22 KB)

  • Reverse Alzheimers & improve Brain Health - Juices with Resveratrol, Coconut Oil, MCT Oil, Lecithin Granules, EDTA, Folic Acid, Gingko Biloba, stopping gluten grains, and daily exercise 
    Drinking certain pure fruit and vegetable juices frequently may significantly cut the risk of developing Alzheimer's disease, a study appearing in the American Journal of Medicine suggests. Also read up on the above supplements suggested - 
    MS Word DOC file (32 KB)
    PDF file (44 KB)

  • Antacid and Arthritis Diet
    To reduce acids and the problems which arise they cause
    PDF file (11 KB)

  • The Lemon Maple Apple 7-10 Day Cleansing Diet
    This is a very powerful internal cleansing regime, producing rapid and easy weight loss with very little reduction of energy and strength. There is also minimal hunger as the diet is both energising and filling.
    MS Word DOC file (34 KB)
    PDF file (54 KB)



(Homeopath, Osteopath, Acupuncturist)
Cape Town, Plettenberg Bay
083 378 1177, (for location maps, fees, questionnaires)
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