Most people who receive treatment with Acupuncture and Chinese herbs find that they feel better both mentally and physically. In this way Chinese Medicine is similar to Homeopathy. It is therefore truly holistic medicine which works on all levels involving the use of needle therapy, herbs, dietary regimes and exercises (Chi Gong) 

An old Chinese saying states that
“a good doctor moves the Chi with needles and the blood with herbs.”

In other words a good doctor knows how to effectively use both Acupuncture needle therapy and Chinese herbal formulae.

The appropriate use of needles unblocks and balances Qi. The biochemical substances of herbs are carried through the blood to organs and tissues which they influence and benefit. Thus when they are combined both the Chi and blood are 'moved' as the saying goes.

The health of both body and mind depends on an unobstructed flow of life-giving energy or "life force" which is called "Chi" or "Qi" in Chinese Medicine.  

Some Chinese texts suggest that all forms in creation are manifestations of Qi  (energy) which can be compared to water. It can be subtle and unseen like the moisture in the air. Then beginning to manifest as vapour and clouds, then rain, rivers  and lakes, and finally ice. 

Bones are like ice (slowed down and relatively inert Qi), and the subtle energies of the body are like clouds or unseen vapours (more vibrant and highly charged Qi).

This Qi flows through a network of channels and points (meridians) which have been identified by traditional Chinese doctors over many thousands of years. These channels flow within all the interior organs and tissues appearing on the surface of the body as 'acupoints' which are needled to stimulate and balance organs, tissues and nerves. 

By questioning, examining 12 pulses and the tongue an Acupuncturist decides how and where the Qi is out of balance.
Acupuncture needles are quickly and painlessly inserted into chosen 'acupoints' to unblock and move the Qi.  Often points are used on the extremities, feet and hands to  affect organs at some distance, like eyes, heart or liver. Generally needles are left in the body for about 30 minutes.

Acupuncture is very effective for many common complaints which include: low immunity, hormonal problems, menstrual problems, headaches, neck or back pain, arthritis, stress, general digestive disorders, insomnia and depression amongst others.






Chinese herbal formulae have a history of being tried and tested on many thousands of patients over hundreds of years and very rarely have any side effects. They are very effective for many common complaints including depression, arthritis, eczema, indigestion, palpitations, insomnia, menopause. They are becoming increasingly popular in the western world, being sold in pharmacies and health shops of many countries. 

Chinese Herbs are mostly given in the form of tablets or pills which are swallowed, but at times may include loose herbs which are infused in hot water and taken as a tea. They are usually best taken before food on an empty stomach but some are best with food.

Please note that it is very important to tell your practitioner if you are taking any conventional drugs and what they are.

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